Auto-PakTM Trash Compactors

Horizontal Trash Compactors

Bag Packers - The Gobbler Series
The Gobbler Series Trash Compactors are bag packers normally
installed in below grade trash rooms, used in conjunction
with a trash chute system in Hi Rise Apartment Buildings.
The units can also be hand fed. The unit compacts and
extrudes trash into heavy duty bags.

Container Packers - Model 1830 Series
The Model 1830 Series Trash Compactors are normally installed in
street level trash rooms and used in conjunction with a trash
chute system in Hi Rise buildings. Operation is automatic,
with the unit being activated by an electric eye which senses
trash in the loading hopper. The units can also be hand fed.

Vertical Trash Compactors

Vertical Compactors - Model DD30 Series
The Model DD-30 is a Vertical Trash Compactor which uses much
less floor space than its horizontal counterparts. Primarily
intended for hand feeding from front, it may also be adapted
for connection to a trash chute. Completely self-contained
and aesthetically pleasing, it may be installed anywhere by
simply plugging in its electrical power cord.


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